Get better at improv quickly with this simple process

published3 months ago
1 min read

Just dropping in to let subscribers be the FIRST to know... I posted a new resource for improv performers.

Everyone wants to get better at improv, and there's no shortage of tips. But how do you put what you learn into practice consistently so that you actually grow your skills?

Well, there’s a simple process that performers of any experience level can follow to assess your skills, learn from your experience, and get better at improv comedy quickly.

Read all about this process AND get a free template to help you put it into practice at the link below.

How to get better at improv comedy


P.S.: If you try this out and like how it works for you, please consider sharing it with your fellow improvisers by forwarding this email or posting the page link to your social media feed. I'm grateful for your help!

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