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publishedabout 1 month ago
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Hey there, Illusionists!

I’m making a small change to the release schedule of the Improv Illusionist newsletter.

You’ll now get your update on the FIRST Thursday of every month. I’m also sending it out at 12pm GMT, which hopefully makes things a little more balanced for an international audience.

This schedule tweak will let me discuss and preview upcoming events in a more logical way. This will include exercises or performance techniques you can try in shows throughout the month.

However, even though this means the regular newsletter will come out NEXT week, I never want to leave you without a couple of informative links. So check these TWO new posts I've added to the website…

Review: “Inventing Improv” (A documentary about Viola Spolin)
My quick review of the new PBS documentary which recaps Viola’s life and career. Includes a link so you can watch the film online.

Physical Improv for Disabled Performers
Alternative methods for creating objects, locations, and activities in improv. Disabled performers can improvise as well as anyone else! (Includes tips for improv instructors working with disabled students.)

See you next week (Thursday, November 4th) with the full newsletter!

Ex nihilo!

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